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NHS Launches an End of Life Program for Dementia patients

An online tool for improving end of life care among dementia suffers has been launched. Its main focus is the importance on relationship between relatives and the professionals. The guide is long document, which takes a lot of time to go trough it. Follow link to download it. Tweet

UK Immigration cap leave NHS Trust unable to hire Nurses

NHS trust is appealing to UK Border Agency against the restriction on immigration cap. Employers are facing turf challenges to recruit Nurses because there have been a 5% reduction on numbers of nurses allowed, over 100’s of foreign nurses with job offers with North West London Trust cannot issue them with certificate. Others trustees around […]

Living on income of £18/week

It is very had just to imagine how people are going to survive, Below are the rates for disability allowance. These allowances are paid according to the severity. The Care component The care component is paid at three rates Lower rate is paid at £18.95 per week Middle rate is paid at £47.80 per week […]